Administrative Officials

Board of Trustees

Atty. Ulysses B. Tirol Chairman
Dr. Lumin T. Pamaran Secretary
Ms. Amparo B. Castañeda Treasurer
Dr. Victoriano B. Tirol III Member
Dr. Nuevas Montes Member
Dr. Felix N. Lao, Jr. Member
Dr. Vittorio T. Gallito Member
Dr. Will Tyron B. Tirol Member
Engr. Jes B. Tirol Director, Planning and Governance

Executive Personnel

Dr. Victoriano B. Tirol, III President
Ms. Ria Eva M. Sevilla Vice President for Administration
Atty. Marlumina B. Teh Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. Maricel A. Tirol Vice President for Finance

Academic Heads

Ms. Dalia Melda T. Magno Registrar
Dr. Leah Wilfreda E. Pilongo Dean, Research
Dr. Leah Wilfreda E. Pilongo Concurrent Dean,Graduate School
Atty. Gregorio B. Austral Dean, College of Law
Dr. Ma. Liezl C. Gallardo Dean, College of Engineering, Technology, Architecture and Fine Arts
Ms. Lalaine L. Domapias Dean, College of Nursing
Mr. Cesario O. Edulan Dean, College of Business & Accountancy
Ms. Maria Lourdes B. Lañada Dean, College of Midwifery
Dr. Janice Aurora T. Namoc Dean, Teachers College
Dr. Myrna L. Plateros Dean, College of Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy
Dr. Charito B. Sapong OIC, College of Arts & Sciences
Ms. Jane Doren A. Bungabong Dean, College of Hospitality Management,Tourism & Nutrition
Dr. Shirley O. Molina Dean, College of Criminal Justice
Ms. Felita C. Torero Dean, College of Pharmacy
Ms. Maribeth D. Alpuerto Principal, UB VDTALC
Ms. Sofila L. Gantalao Principal, University Senior High School
Ms. Ivybabe G. Petallar OIC, University Junior High School
Ms. Hannah Adellit B. Rodriguez OIC, University Grade School
Ar. Reyner C. Renoblas Head, Architecture & Fine Arts
Dr. Norma J. Apao Head, Computer Science
Mr. Ramir C. Monje Head, Aircraft Maintenance Technology
Ms. Virginia B. Yap Coordinator, Filipino
Dr. Nilda A. Echavez Coordinator, Social Sciences
Ms. Joy B. Baguio Coordinator, Pure Sciences
Engr. Jan Noche T. Rebucas Coordinator, Mathematics
Ms. Imelda C. Bolanio Coordinator, English
Engr. Neche A. Arcaya Coordinator, National Service Training Program
Ms. Hazel G. Bungabong Program Chair, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Mr. Vidal L. Platino Jr. Program Chair, Secondary Education
Dr. Jelinda R. Fortich Program Chair, Elementary Education
Ms. Mellyne B. Jaspe Program Chair, Physical Education
Ms. Jocelyn L. Sumodobila Department Head, Pre-School Department, UB VDTALC
Ms. Zedne M. Ay-ad Department Head, Elementary Department, UB VDTALC
Dr. Darelle Ainee S. Manuta Department Head, High School Department, UB VDTALC
Ms. Lilibeth D. Buslon Head, Librarian, University Libraries
Dr. Marilou V. Fudalan Coordinator, Academic Support Services
Ms. Grace Filomeno Officer, Academic Policy and Procedures

Non-academic Officers

Ms. Beryl Elizabeth B. Lupot Executive Assistant, Office of the President
Mr. Rogemer Ojendras Internal Auditor
Dr. Ammon Denis R. Tirol Manager, Strategic Partnership
Dr. Maria Luz P. Villarante Dean, Planning and Special Projects
Ms. Sonieta D. Labasan Manager, Quality Assurance
Mr. James Emmanuel Tabigue Head, Marketing Department
Mr. James Emmanuel Tabigue Community Extension Service Officer
Mr. Leo Armando B. Boncales Alumni Affairs & Public Relations Officer
Ms. Precious Joy D. Baguio Manager, Human Resource Department
Ms. Anna Cristina S. Lao Manager, Management Information System
Dr. Francis T. Pamaran Manager, General Services Office
Dr. Lemuel O. Belarmino Dean, Student/Personnel Services
Ms. Merry Grace P. Cepe Head, Guidance Center
Ms. Meccah R. Salinasal Head, Student Affairs Office
Ms. Edeza M. Tabigue OIC, Scholarship and Employment Facilitation Office
Dr. Lino N. Garsuta Coordinator, Athletic Affairs Office
Ms. Caryl Ann L. Camposo Accountant
Ms. Edina N. Espejo Treasury Manager
Ms. Elvie S. Kudemus Budget Officer
Mr. Roy A. Mondragon Property Custodian
Mr. Henrietto B. Magdua Security and Safety Officer