Bonafide Student

For one to be called a bonafide student of the University of Bohol, he must:

  1. Be officially enrolled, which means that:
    1. His/her enrollment must have been signed and approved by the Dean;
    2. He/she must have paid the required fees with the official receipts of payment;
    3. He/she must have an official copy of the Certificate of Registration issued by the Registrar's Office.
    4. His/her name must appear in the class list, of the subjects he/she is enrolled in, issued by the Registrar's Office;
    5. His/her name appears in the computer database as officially enrolled.
  2. Has attended classes.
  3. Has not been dropped from the rolls.

The rights and privileges granted by the University shall be enjoyed by the bonafide students as described above and their status shall be maintained as such.