architecture and Fine Arts

College of Architecture & Fine Arts

An Architecture and Fine Arts Program that nurture and develop a person's creative potential to live a fulfilling and abundant life.

To provide quality education that fulfills the needs and demands of society and the formation of graduates that leads the social, economic and cultural aspects of nation building.


  1. Inculcate among the students the value of honor and sense of responsibility, leadership, sanctity of home, dignity of labor, love of country and fellow men and abiding faith in God;
  2. Focus the direction and thrust of art education to the needs and demands of society and its integration into the social, economic and cultural aspects of nation building.
  3. Promote academic freedom and a congenial atmosphere that is conducive to an effective teaching-learning process and receptive to new ideas and knowledge through scientific research;
  4. Imbibe a leadership role in the developmental tasks of community and nation building;
  5. Infuse a high sense of intellectual curiosity to seek for truth, experiment on new fields and explore the unknown through scientific research and endeavor for the enhancement of the quality of life;
  6. Instill a better appreciation of the basic philosophy and the fundamental principles of the multi-dimensional aspects of architecture, better understanding of the direct relationship between man and his environment and the role of the architect in the furtherance of these objectives;
  7. Imbue the importance of preserving the nation's cultural heritage and tradition, a deeper sense of Filipinism and respect for the dignity and rights of every individual and commitment of service to God, country and fellowmen.

Arch. Reyner C. Renoblas
OIC, College of Architecture & Fine Arts