College of Engineering and Technology

The College of Engineering and Technology aims to produce knowledgeable, morally upright and highly motivated graduates who are self-starters and can practice the profession in the complex field of engineering and technology.

Specifically, it desires to produce:

  1. Graduates equipped with adequate knowledge and skills to meet the demands of globally-competitive engineering and technological professions;
  2. Individuals who can contribute to the economic and industrial development of the community and of the nation;
  3. Highly technical-minded persons who are socially responsible;
  4. Self-reliant and morally upright individuals imbued with professional ethics; and
  5. Leaders who are committed to cooperate and willingly serve their fellowmen.


BSCE (Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering) 5 years W/ PRC Board Exam
BSCpE (Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering) 5 years No Board Exam
BSECE (Bachelor of Science in Electronics & Communication Engineering) 5 years W/ PRC Board exam
BSEE (Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering) 5 years W/ PRC Board exam
BSGE (Bachelor of Science in Geodetic Engineering) 5 years W/ PRC Board exam
BSIE (Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering) 5 years No PRC Board Exams
BSME (Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering) 5 years No PRC Board Exams
BSAMT (Bachelor of Science in Aircraft Maintenance Technology) 4 years W/ CAAP Board Exam
ASAMT (Associate in Aircraft Maintenance Technology) 2 years W/ CAAP Board Exam
BSCS (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science) 4 years No Board Exams
ACT (Associate in Computer Technology) 2 years No Board Exams

» CAAP Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines
» PHILNITS Foundation Phil. National IT Standard Foundation
» CEDF-IT Cebu Educational Development Foundation for Information Technology
» BSAMT & ASAMT has been given a renewed certification from CAAP dated April 25, 2013 based on regulations from CAAP per RA 9497 series 2008 as international accredited CAAP from ICAO( International Civil Aviation Organization based in Canada.
» AMT graduates will take the examination in CAAP Manila as walk-in examinees.
» BSCS & ACT graduates will take the Scheduled Certification exams from any accredited IT organization like PHILNITS and CEDF-IT, Microsoft, Oracle, .. etc.

Engr. Ma. Liezl C. Gallardo
OIC-Dean, College of Engineering & Technology