College of Law (COL)


A premier law school enabling a person to live a worthy, fulfilling and abundant life.


The University of Bohol College of Law is a premier law school that aims to produce competent, socially responsible and respectable lawyers who are steadfast in upholding the ends of justice by offering innovative law curriculum anchored on the trinity of virtues of SCHOLARSHIP, CHARACTER and SERVICE.


  • Provide a comprehensive legal training program that will fully equip and prepare the students in the practice of law.
  • Establish ties between the community and the institution through community-based program as an avenue of addressing needs and problems in the justice system and as a means of making the students experience the rigors of actual legal practice.
  • Train students for leadership and inculcate values among them as bedrock foundations in the attainment of the ends of justice.


As a center of legal education, we believe that a person who desires to join the legal profession must be imbued with the values of INTEGRITY, DISCIPLINE, EXCELLENCE, and JUSTICE. INTEGRITY means that every student of law must relentlessly adhere to high moral principles and professional standards. DISCIPLINE means that the study and practice of law entails a conscious control of oneself in the intake of legal theories, principles and doctrines and in the application of laws in order to promote justice. EXCELLENCE means that degree of superiority which goes beyond what is expected or required. JUSTICE simply means fairness in all dealings especially in the way people are treated or decisions are made.


  • Juris Doctor (non-thesis)
  • Master of Legal Studies

Atty. Gregorio B. Austral
Dean, Graduate School