University Senior High School (SHS)


A vibrant university high school nurturing lives for a great future.


To develop happy achievers equipped with life relevant skills anchored on the trinity of virtues: Scholarship, Character, and Service


  1. Equipped with foundational and functional knowledge, ready to initiate research in the academe and the community.
  2. Totally equipped with learning and innovation skills, effective communication, media technology, life and career skills.
  3. Completely geared for further education, entrepreneurship and potential work opportunities.
  4. Dependable leaders actualizing responsible citizenship.
  5. Respectful to the uniqueness of every human person and active in the preservation of culture and the environment.


  1. Exercise full responsibility for developing, monitoring and completing his/her academic pursuit for baccalaureate studies.
  2. Demonstrate functional knowledge, technical skills and values in academic and real-life situations through sound reasoning, informed Decision-making and the just and honest use of resources.
  3. Manifest love of God, respect for others and strong eco-cultural engagement.
  4. Lead with integrity and sense of duty towards building the nation.


  • GAS – General Academic Strand leading to:
    • Criminal Justice
    • Hospitality and Wellness
    • Design and Industrial Arts
    • Pedagogics
  • STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • HUMSS - Humanities and Social Science
  • ABM - Accounting Business and Management

Sofila L. Gantalao
Principal, University Senior High School