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Student Affairs Office

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The University recognizes that there are valuable venues for learning outside the walls of the classroom that gives students a meaningful college experience. The Student Affairs Office (SAO) directs the non-academic aspect of student life and coordinates with the school community in matters affecting these aspects.

Specific Objectives:

  1. To initiate and coordinate specific programs and services for the students’ personal and social growth aimed to promote holistic and well-rounded student development;
  1. To provide opportunities for the students’ active involvement in school activities and socio-civic programs.
  1. To promote the mode of conduct necessary for the school community ensuring that a responsible behavior is infused in the hearts and minds of students leading to an acceptance and positive response to the school’s objectives.

Student Affairs Services

  • Student Welfare and Development

This concerns the developmental programs for students in coordination with the department concerned and student leaders, to help realize their potentials, become better citizens and enhance the best campus atmosphere. Student welfare and development helps facilitate the needs of students to ensure a holistic growth and development. The following programs and activities are under this area:

  • Information and Orientation
  • Student Leadership Development
  • Special Needs Program
  • Foreign Students Service
  • Scholarship and Financial Assistance
  • Awards and Recognition Programs
  • Student Character Formation and Discipline
  • Awards and Recognition Programs
  • Student Activities
  • Social & Community Involvement
  • Student Discipline
  • Employment Facilitation
  • Sports Development
  • Student Organizations & Activities
  • Student Publications

Lemuel O. Belarmino
Head, Student Affairs

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