UB Student Creed

( by Atty. David B. Tirol )

I believe -
That I am a child of God, heir to an abundant life
and a glorious future,
That simple duty constraint me
to claim on this, my precious inheritance.

I believe -
That my inheritance will come to me
only after I make myself ready
and worthy to receive;
That the doors and windows of opportunity
are open widest for me
by the blessings of education.

I believe -
That the power of knowledge
and the strength of character I harvest
from education
are able to free from the bondage of
and the fetters of poverty.

I believe -
That once I am free, I can face the world
with confidence and bravely answer
the summons of my destiny
to be what I ought to be.

I believe -
To achieve to the fullest measure,
the grand unfolding of my spiritual
and human potentials
and then to cherish my Alma Mater,
love my people, serve my country
and worship my God.